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Threat Actor Attribution

Your organization has been breached, and you want to find out who the attacker responsible for this malicious act is. Where do you start? Is your cybersecurity team trained on how to find threat actors? If found, can you prosecute them?

These are important questions you have to discuss with senior management and decide what and how far you are willing to go. Identifying the threat actor(s) and their motivations requires specialized cybersecurity experts that can analyze Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and extract information from them.


Finding the threat actor is resource intensive and requires a lot of “detective work” by a highly trained team that can perform correct attribution. Cybercriminals and cyber gangs can throw an investigation off track with tricks to cover their tracks, leading to erroneous attribution.


There are numerous reasons why cybercriminals and cyber gangs continue to commit cybercrimes – monetization of valuable exfiltrated data, hacktivism, nation-state attacks, retribution, IP theft, and at times, for no reason whatsoever.


At Proventus, we use a myriad of resources to help identify those attributed to a breach. Our team works with you to determine if attribution is attainable and if a prosecution is an option.


Proventus offers Compromised Credentials Monitoring, IP Reputation Intelligence, and Client-specific Intelligence that can help mitigate risk before a breach occurs.

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