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Cybersecurity is more than technological solutions to thwart specific threats. It’s aligning a strategic cybersecurity program to the organization’s strategy and enabling business processes through collaboration and mutual support with all facets of the organization, especially – senior management and board members.

Regulations and Standards

Regardless of geographic market or industry, chances are your organization must comply with some form of regulation such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), or other regulations that protect data privacy and security.

Compromised Credential Monitoring

Corporate credentials issued to an employee or contractor (mainly email address, user name and, password) are the keys to the castle. An attacker possessing such credentials will have little difficulty to infiltrate the network and conduct a successful cyberattack.

Client-specific Intelligence

Your organization is a target to cybercriminals that are looking to infiltrate your network and monetize on valuable data and resources. Cyber threats have become more frequent and complex.

IP Reputation Intelligence

Compromised websites can serve attackers in multiple ways, from infecting visitors’ computers, through C&C communication to bot distribution and management.  When monitoring services pick up on malicious activity that activity is logged and sometimes the domain or IP addresses will be blacklisted.

Post-breach Intelligence

Data breaches are not only devasting to an organization, but they can greatly affect your business partners, employees, and of course your customers. If your organization is victimized by a data breach it is necessary to try to find out the particulars of the “who, what, why, where and when.”

Threat Actor Attribution

Your organization has been breached, and you want to find out who the attacker responsible for this malicious act is. Where do you start? Is your cybersecurity team trained on how to find threat actors? If found, can you prosecute them?