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Attack Surface Management

Any information system has an attack surface that threat actors target to infiltrate and execute malicious activities that result in data exfiltration, loss of productivity, resources, reputational damage, and other malicious activity. As technologies are introduced to the network and productivity increases – so does the network’s attack surface.

Anti-phishing Campaigns

Phishing uses email messages to deliver malware into the victim’s machine by exfiltrating data out of the network and/or exfiltrate the user’s credentials. Phishing attacks are extremely prevalent because they are easy to create and hard to trace back to hundreds or thousands of employees – all the attacker needs is one careless click and the network is compromised.

Deception (Anti-Malware)

The biggest digital threat today is malware. Malicious software can infect endpoints and networks with devasting results. Malware comes in many forms and can be difficult to detect. Threat actors heavily leverage malware to infiltrate corporate networks and exfiltrate valuable data that can lead to severe financial and reputational damage.

Content Disarm and Reconstruction

Today, businesses rely on digital files to conduct a majority of their business. However, these files are an efficient delivery method for malware and can easily contain malicious code that can infiltrate corporate networks with devasting effects. Unlike anti-virus products, CDR (Content Disarm & Recreation) not only detects known malware but reconstructs the file in a way that will only pull through the intended content, leaving all additional malicious components behind.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Training Videos

Cybersecurity management faces the daunting task of modifying careless behavior resulting in increased exposure to cyber-risk. Training is the most essential part of mitigating that risk in any organization of any size. Besides searching for an overall solution to this issue, there is the challenge of scalability. How to develop an effective and cost-effective program for the masses is the biggest roadblock.