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IP Reputation Intelligence

Compromised websites can serve attackers in multiple ways, from infecting visitors’ computers, through C&C communication to bot distribution and management.  When monitoring services pick up on malicious activity that activity is logged and sometimes the domain or IP addresses will be blacklisted.

Monitoring the reputation of IP addresses and domains can serve two key purposes in your cybersecurity program:

  • Monitoring your own IP addresses and domains for malicious activities that might have gone unnoticed or new activity that may compromise your networks.

  • Supply chain threats are at the top of the cyberthreat list. There are network connections, trusted sites and massive file traffic going back and forth. The risk is great and the options to mitigate this risk are extremely limited. One way to gauge your suppliers’ ability to fend off cyberattacks is to monitor their internet-facing infrastructure. Knowing if a supplier’s IP has been compromised, how exactly and then challenging the supplier to find out what steps have been taken (if any) can be a good indicator as to what level of trust you can use when dealing with this supplier.


Our IP reputation information is highly accurate with low false positives and is available in CSV format that is updated hourly for easy ingestion into a variety of security platforms. Our query-based IP/domain intelligence service can identify malicious IP addresses and domains. We leverage years of observed historical and contextual threat-related data that includes IP Geolocation, ASN, nameservers, registrant, registrar, URLs, reputation categories and other valuable information that can be leveraged in a variety of ways.


The Proventus IP Reputation Intelligence offering is ideal for organizations that need to verify if their own hosts have had a history of malicious activity, determine if unrecognized incoming IPs and domains can be trusted and/or ensure partner and supply chain hosts meet their contractual security measures.


Proventus’ IP Reputation Intelligence delivers:


  • Accurate and detailed information on millions of IP addresses and domains that have been identified as the source of spam, viruses, and other malicious activity

  • An easy-to-ingest IP reputation list in a text file -based CSV format that is updated hourly

  • Low false positives for uninterrupted business processes

  • Up to date IP and domain threat intelligence to help identify the source and type of malicious activity

  • A valid check of blacklisted IPs and domains with context

  • Actionable intelligence that allows users to analyze actionable intelligence to greatly reduce risk by enabling IDS/IPS/firewalls/ UTMs to effectively identify and block malicious threats to protect and safeguard networks.

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