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Cybersecurity is more than technological solutions to thwart specific threats. It’s aligning a strategic cybersecurity program to the organization’s strategy and enabling business processes through collaboration and mutual support with all facets of the organization, especially – senior management and board members.

This is done through Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.

Proventus provides professional services that work with your cybersecurity team to strengthen and improve the company’s cybersecurity management infrastructure through business-centric GRC.


Our highly skilled and experienced GRC consultants can help your organization by:


  • Turning your company’s rules and procedures to coherent strategy and policies which will translate to a uniform cybersecurity program.

  • Solidifying and normalizing cyber-risk management processes in the organization.

  • Documenting and preparing your organization for compliance with multiple standards and regulations.

  • Bridging the communication gap between cybersecurity and senior management.


GRC is required as a holistic strategy to help ensure business risks are properly. Proventus’ GRC experts help you make your cybersecurity program highly effective, seamless and align with the company’s business strategy to envelop business processes and prevent disruption to business-critical operations.


Proventus offers a portfolio of services, products and training courses to help with your GRC initiatives by identifying cybersecurity risks, gaps, and help to ensure your organization is achieving compliance.

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