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If your organization falls under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may be required to have a DPO (Data Protection Officer) who will be responsible for data protection compliance. GDPR is complex and can be ambiguous in some instances. At Proventus, we train individuals on the roles and responsibilities of the DPO, how to keep personal information safe and private, and of course – how to ensure the organization’s compliance.


Your organization will be required to have a DPO if:


  • Your organization is a public authority or body (except for courts acting in their judicial capacity)

  • The company’s core activities require large-scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals (for example, online behavior tracking)


  • Your core activities consist of large-scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offenses.


A DPO can be hired internally or externally, however, it is important for that individual and key personnel in the organization to know what the responsibilities and functions of the DPO are. Apart from compliance, the DPO helps protect the personal information of the company’s employees and clients and promotes awareness to privacy requirements throughout the organization.


The Proventus GDPR DPO course provides:


  • Fundamental understanding of the GDPR framework and guidelines

  • An understanding of GDPR compliance from the technical aspect

  • Data subjects’ rights

  • Controller vs. Processor liabilities

  • Special articles

  • Privacy vs. cybersecurity

  • Cross-departmental relationships


This course is 16 hours in duration and is specifically intended for decision-makers, C-level and senior management, and the board of directors in a classroom setting and contains 1-2 workshops to better understand the material in business terminology and processes.

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