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Foundations of Cybersecurity Management Course

Organizations are facing multiple cybersecurity challenges. One of the major challenges that CISOs and cybersecurity managers face is the skill gap. Today, more than ever, the demand for cybersecurity management professionals is outpacing the supply, and companies are facing a dramatic labor shortage in this area.


Cybersecurity is more than technological solutions to thwart specific threats. It’s aligning a strategic cybersecurity program to the organization’s strategy and enabling business processes through collaboration and mutual support with all facets of the organization, especially – senior management and board members.


Educating cybersecurity professionals, company managers and other stakeholders in the inner workings of cybersecurity management will allow cybersecurity professionals to achieve a strategic vantage point of the entire cybersecurity program rather than their perspective tasks. This course will also allow IT managers and professionals to perform their tasks with cybersecurity in mind. It will also help other managers better cooperate with the cybersecurity program in place, creating security-by-design processes throughout the organization.


At Proventus, we have developed a unique training course specifically developed for IT managers and cybersecurity practitioners who are looking to go into cybersecurity management or achieve a better understanding of cybersecurity strategy and management – Foundations of Cybersecurity Management Course.


Proventus opens the pathway for IT professionals to move into the exciting and challenging field of cybersecurity management, all in-house. Foundations of Cybersecurity Management Course offers the following informative and educational topics:


  • Cybersecurity current landscape and trends

  • Networks and data communication

  • Anatomy of cyberattacks and attackers

  • Cyber defense

  • Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity Management mechanisms and considerations


This innovative course is also intended for decision-makers in the organization who want a better understanding of the considerations and practices involved in cybersecurity management.


Proventus’ Foundations of Cybersecurity Management Course is 16 hours long and is conducted in-house in a classroom that contains 1-2 workshops to better understand the material in business terminology and processes.

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