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Deception (Anti Malware)

The biggest digital threat today is malware. Malicious software can infect endpoints and networks with devasting results. Malware comes in many forms and can be difficult to detect. Threat actors heavily leverage malware to infiltrate corporate networks and exfiltrate valuable data that can lead to severe financial and reputational damage.


Anti-virus solutions which were the only line of defense against malware stand today at a 20% - 40% detection rate. These signature-based solutions are powerless against sophisticated delivery techniques and especially malware evasion, where the malware-carrying packer scans the environment for signs of hostility and only unpacks the malware when it’s “safe” to attack.


At Proventus, we offer Host-based Deception (Anti-malware) that is used with your current AV products to dramatically decrease the risk of malware. This solution acts on evasive packers, protects the endpoint by stopping the packer from unpacking, and reports on the malicious file.

When used with Windows Defender in Windows environments, you can lower your AV costs while increasing malware-fighting effectiveness from 40% to well over 85%.

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