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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos

Cybersecurity management faces the daunting task of modifying careless behavior resulting in increased exposure to cyber-risk. Training is the most essential part of mitigating that risk in any organization of any size. Besides searching for an overall solution to this issue, there is the challenge of scalability. How to develop an effective and cost-effective program for the masses is the biggest roadblock.

Proventus is here to help with our Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos. This program is not only scalable but can help cybersecurity management spearhead an effective training program for in-house and remote staff.

Features include:

  • 3-4 minute monthly episodes focusing on actual cybersecurity breaches and the context around them

  • New episodes every 30 days with access to past videos

  • After each episode, a short quiz is given to ensure awareness

  • Specialized compliance videos focusing on GDPR PCI, HIPAA, and NIST are available as a paid option for those organizations that are required to be compliant

Proventus can host your training video program or it can be customized with your logo and Learning Management System in a private portal.

A phishing awareness training program is the best defense to thwart off these attacks. We work with you to create an effective anti-phishing campaign with a scalable product that can target individuals, groups or an entire organization to identify those individuals that need more training on identifying phishing schemes.


Standard and custom-built templates are available for you to pick and choose how you want to target. You can view several reports that will identify those employees who have fell victim to the scheme and work directly with them to ensure greater awareness to mitigate risk to your organization.

Combined with our Anti-phishing Campaign product and Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you can implement an effective overall cybersecurity program for your employees.


We also work you and your HR staff to help develop effective cybersecurity policies and procedures with the Proventus Organizational Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures program.

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