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Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The greatest asset to an organization can also be its greatest weakness – its employees. Human error and lack of awareness increase the organization’s risk to cyberattacks. From phishing attacks, through social engineering, to malicious and unintended unauthorized insider activity. Threat actors prey on human error in and out of the workplace which is why well trained and vigilant employees are one of the best assets to protect your company from cyberattacks.


Our trainers have years of real-world cybersecurity experience and effectively communicate the complexities of cybersecurity to every level within the organization to help minimize cyber risk. We empower employees to identify possible malicious threats and take proper action based on the company’s cybersecurity policies and procedures, protecting corporate credentials, and advocating Zero Trust – resulting in reduced human error to minimize cyber risk. We also work with your cybersecurity team for additional company-specific customized content you would like to include.


Some of the topics in the syllabus include:


  • Cyber Landscape

  • Attackers

  • Risk Management

  • Managing Cybersecurity

  • Compliance and Standards

  • Privacy

  • Personal and Professional Safety


Combined with our Anti-phishing Campaigns and Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos products, you can implement an effective overall cybersecurity program for your employees.


We also work you and your HR staff to help develop effective cybersecurity policies and procedures with the Proventus Organizational Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures program.

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