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Content Disarm and Reconstruction

Today, businesses rely on digital files to conduct a majority of their business. However, these files are an efficient delivery method for malware and can easily contain malicious code that can infiltrate corporate networks with devasting effects. Unlike anti-virus products, CDR (Content Disarm & Recreation) not only detects known malware but reconstructs the file in a way that will only pull through the intended content, leaving all additional malicious components behind.


Inversely, outgoing files may contain sensitive data and metadata that should stay within the company’s network. CDR can prevent such data exfiltration of PII and other valuable information that threat actors can use to attack an organization or monetize the stolen data in the underground economy. Organizations can leverage CDR to help maintain compliance such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other regulations.

Our CDR product removes all malicious code and can be highly effective against zero-day threats, CnC, ransomware, and polymorphic attacks. All files coming into the network through all gateways (USB, email, FTP) are fully sanitized. The file is reconstructed, and sent safe and fully functional, enabling your business to run safely.


Proventus’ CDR solution balances an extremely high success rate of removing any malware from incoming files – with ease of use, user-convenience and an intuitive management interface.

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