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Compromised Credential Monitoring

Corporate credentials issued to an employee or contractor (mainly email address, user name and, password) are the keys to the castle. An attacker possessing such credentials will have little difficulty to infiltrate the network and conduct a successful cyberattack. There are many ways for an attacker to achieve user credentials and many times, these credentials are sold on the Internet after they have been exfiltrated, mined, phished, or even stolen from an unrelated website where the employee used his or her credentials to create an account.


Knowing that credentials belonging to your company are compromised gives you a fighting edge on two fronts:


1. You can now have the employee change their password, rendering the credentials the attacker has to be useless

2. You can investigate how these credentials were compromised, whether the company information systems have been breached, and take corrective action to minimize risks


Proventus continuously scans over 35 verified sources that gather compromised credentials from Dark Web sources, the underground economy, hacktivist forums, and hacker dump sites where newly compromised data is available.


Proventus extends the conventional scope of “credentials” to anything that may be identified with the company e.g. domain names, login credentials etc. providing a more rounded cybersecurity aspect of possible cyberattacks in the making.


Proventus’ Compromised Credentials Monitoring delivers:


  • An initial benchmark report of your organization’s compromised credentials

  • Daily monitoring of your domain and sub-domains with real-time alerts for threat containment and risk mitigation

  • Relevant and real data with context to identify public and non-public data breaches

  • Actionable information to identify employee credentials that have been compromised and enforce corporate cyber policies


Combined with our Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos, Anti-phishing Campaigns and, Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you can implement an effective overall cybersecurity program for your employees so they can gain insight to protect their valuable corporate credentials.

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