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Attack Surface Management

Any information system has an attack surface that threat actors target to infiltrate and execute malicious activities that result in data exfiltration, loss of productivity, resources, reputational damage, and other malicious activity. As technologies are introduced to the network and productivity increases – so does the network’s attack surface.


Any cybersecurity professional knows that managing the network’s attack surface is one of the greatest challenges. From correctly mapping critical (and other) information assets, through identifying critical business processes, to mapping possible attack vectors and prioritizing patch management, there is a huge burden placed on internal resources.


Proventus delivers an Attack Surface Management solution with automated penetration testing product that can be used on a continuous or scheduled scanning basis. Our product offers real-time alerts, identifies critical business processes that can contain vulnerabilities and susceptible to both internal and external attacks by:


  • Mapping data assets according to the company’s definition of criticality

  • Detailing business processes as facilitated by corresponding network assets

  • Scanning network assets for vulnerabilities and prioritizes these vulnerabilities according to possible attack vectors and business-criticality

  • Helping to create a remediation plan for the found vulnerabilities according to business-criticality and vulnerability-severity

  • Automatically pen-testing your network at pre-defined intervals to keep finding new vulnerabilities as they become known from changes made to the network

  • Generating business-centric reports for senior management to track the progress of cybersecurity efforts in the organization


This solution allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the entire attack surface and possible attack vectors while communicating the risks to senior management while creating a prioritized remediation workplan for your cybersecurity teams.

Proventus also offers Manual Penetration Testing (add hyperlinks to the respective pages) and Inclusive Penetration Testing to best suit your needs.

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