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Anti-phishing Campaigns

Phishing uses email messages to deliver malware into the victim’s machine by exfiltrating data out of the network and/or exfiltrate the user’s credentials. Phishing attacks are extremely prevalent because they are easy to create and hard to trace back to hundreds or thousands of employees – all the attacker needs is one careless click and the network is compromised.


The good news is that phishing attacks have specific identifiers that employees can be trained to recognize. The more trained and aware of the risk of phishing attacks – the less they are likely to carelessly click on a malicious link or download a malicious file.


A phishing awareness training program is the best solution to reduce the risk from phishing attacks by training employees in real time, raising their awareness and gauging awareness increase trends over time.


Proventus works with you to create custom-built campaigns according to location, department and desired difficulty levels – offering each user an informative and friendly learning experience. Our anti-phishing campaigns also offer cybersecurity management granular reports to track excellent individuals and reward them while identifying problematic users who need a more personal touch. Cybersecurity managers will also be able to produce reports that will present the gradual increase in employee cybersecurity awareness to senior management.


Combined with our Cybersecurity Training Videos and Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you can implement an effective overall cybersecurity program for your employees.


We also work you to help develop effective cybersecurity policies and procedures with the Proventus Organizational Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures program.

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